Just a couple of things that seem to have been repeatedly asked about- I hope it helps! If not, ask!

On Blogging.

What camera do you use?

Mainly for blog purposes I use my Canon 550d with the 18 -55mm lens 35mm or 50mm / f1.8. I also own a Canon AE1 Programme and a La Sardina wide angle film camera which occasionally show their faces too!

How do you edit your photos?

Using Adobe Photoshop CS4. I did this post explaining in more detail & made an action for you too! (’cause I’m nice & all).

How do you put your photos together for posts?

I make my own templates and taught myself the rest through the wonders on the internet!

Where do you find your fonts?

Generally, either dafont, myfonts or the lostype co-op.

Who did your header?

I did! I drew & scanned it, then used CS4 to crop & make it suitable for use. In fact, all illustrations on this page are mine!

On Beauty

What foundation do you use? In past posts : Ginvera BB Cream, NARS Sheerglow & Benefit Hello Flawless (not all at once!)

What eyeliner do you use? for around a million years I have stuck to MAC liquid eyeliner & pencil kohl eyeliner.

Is this blog cruelty free? no, not completely. I am a person who is aware of which brands do & don’t animal test, and I will always strive to stick to brands who do not. However, this is a difficult task and there always be mistakes made. It is always something someone will be criticised for, and while I am trying my best, I am only human.


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I believe that you are sharing my need of living a Cruelty free world. I was on an animalist expo at Padua yesterday and I found that a lot of animals are used for testing cosmetics. Maybe you knew about it or you are interested of researching on the topic. I’m a man and I am not very concerned about cosmetic, but maybe you do and you could explain the world about the cruelty of this business.

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